{poll} hypothetical question

2016-10-31 21:20:26 by NookLom

How do you feel about futas. 
please either comment or cast your vote.

Not all my art is here :D

2016-05-30 22:18:41 by NookLom

Just letting you know I didn't update everything on newground since I quite like this place and dont want to clutter either my gallery or the portal.

if you want to see more from me I suggest you visit my furaffinity account,

this is for those of you who like sketches, and older works.

HEY I CAN DRAW FOR YOU! YES YOU! (commission informations)

2015-11-14 21:04:24 by NookLom

I’m willing to draw some pretty weird stuff if I can make a few buck so don’t be too shy to ask. please contact me if you are interested. First come first served. 

sketch: 20$ +10$ per extra character 
line-art: 25$ +15$ per extra character 
flat: 30$ +15$ per extra character 
shaded: 35$ +20$ per extra character 

Send me a pm or email me: nooklom@live.ca